We help Businesses Generate Sales and Clients with High Conversion Ads and Targeted Campaigns.

We make it possible for businesses to compete online by placing them directly in front of interested customers, and turn them into clients.

We calculate all economic indicators and understand feasibility of advertising campaign

Research & Management

With our access to advanced tools and software, we can make campaign management, tracking, and optimization more effective.

Create Compelling Ads

Based on Customer research, our team of FB Advertising strategists will create relevant ads targeting the customers interest and browsing habits.


Weekly and Monthly performance reports are sent out automatically to keep you informed about the results we’ve achieved.


Important BENEFITS

for using Facebook Ads

Most customers use the internet and Facebook. Having a Solid presence would used to give you a competitive advantage over customers, but nowadays its a necessity to thrive. We help you not only build a good online presence but also take you to the top when it comes to noticeability and Conversion

Stay ahead of the curve and above your competition with Ads that convert more than other businesses in your Industry.

What are the Risks to not using Facebook Ads?

Paid ads are extremely important for business growth and Client acquisition. The bottom line is if you are not taking advantage of the tools available to keep up, you will be left behind.

Being able to quickly get results while staying cost efficient is a skill that all modern businesses need to posses. We have been in the industry for enough time yo know ads can get costly quick. That's why working with the right vehicle and team can save you more than you can imagine.


Stay ahead of the Curve when it comes to growth. Use the tools at your disposal or you risk leaving money and knowledge on the table.


Other advertising methods can be outdated and expensive. Having a professional team guide your campaign can save your business and marketing.

Why EGF Digital?

What sets us apart?

Our clients are excited to get our reports. They know our emails hold their desired results before they even open them. They are want to know what's next.

Because at EGF digital, we do it a little differently. We offer more than our average agency, We provide breakthroughs for business owners stuck in plateaus and relief for overwhelmed marketing managers.

Start and Finish with EGF

We are the missing piece to your marketing puzzle!

When you partner with EGF Digital, you not only get a team fully committed to your business and brand awareness, but also a growth squad of experts who are hyper-focused on increasing your revenue. Here's Our Checklist for You -

  • Set up a Facebook ads and business account.

  • Start running curated ads using AI and FB algorithm.

  • Bring in 4x amount of clients and leads you are producing now.


Facebook Ads

This pay-per-click (PPC) model ensures that every cent you spend gives a potential return on investment.


Retarget Ads

With our system we take the effort out of marketing and build you a campaign that is effective.


Hyper- Accurate Reporting

Facebook Ads Manager offers detailed analytics on how your ads perform.



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